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Article as featured in Waikato Business News - 6th July 2020

As well as being the organisers of the Bay of Plenty Business Expo, the Waikato Business Expo, and the smaller locally based Pop-Up Business Expos, Jigsaw Solutions Group use their event management expertise to organise bespoke premier events for your business, your team and your clients. This could include an elegant but simple client party, a team celebration or team building event, right through to a large-scale dinner or trade show. Jigsaw can also help you find a motivational or inspirational speaker who is the right fit for your special event.

Jigsaw are pleased to announce that the Waikato Business Expo is coming back and has been rescheduled to 24 March 2021 with the theme:

re:START | jump:START | kick:START

What became apparent through lock-down is that while many businesses were able to continue to operate and do business from a distance, many could not. It also became clear that our need for human interaction and being able to connect face to face is so fundamentally important. In person communication beats cold calling and video conferencing any time!

With our borders not looking likely to open for quite some time yet, businesses are turning their focus to generating business locally, regionally and nationally. While a lot of businesses have been able to continue operating through c-19, there are equally as many businesses who have had to rethink what their future holds and what their offer is going forward. Some businesses have already been able to pivot and have new products or services on offer, while others are still working through that process.

The common factor that keeps being highlighted is that more than ever, businesses are finding that they need to get known or re-known by casting their marketing nets to a wider catchment than where they may previously have been focussed. Businesses are looking for ways to connect, to do business in person and to boost their marketing exposure.

The Business Expo provides an excellent platform for businesses to reconnect and to help you grow your business, create opportunities, generate leads, uncover solutions in a face to face environment. The Business Expo is helping drive NZ Inc’s growth and recovery, connecting you with clients, prospects and suppliers who may be right on your doorstep, as well as others from across the country. You can be part of this exciting event and help support other businesses too.

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