Workplace Money Week - Weathering the Storm

Money Week is fast approaching and CFFC recently launched the details of Money Week 2018 which will be held over the week beginning 3rd September 2018 and is themed ‘Weathering the storm’ which is all about financial resilience and making a plan for when things don’t quite go to plan. This can include planning for more short term events such as a job loss to longer term planning by way of insurance and setting up a will.

Why would you hold an event such as this at your workplace?

And did you know it is possible your colleagues are coming to work and spending up to an hour a day worrying about their financial situation or that of their extended family. Imagine being able to remove some of these barriers, enabling them to come to work and focus on giving their role the best they can, being safer at work with less distractions and generally being happier. Provide the tools and knowledge to ensure they are, or can become, financially sorted.

As a CFFC Accredited Sorted Facilitator and Workplace Programme Facilitator we can assist you to hold an event at your workplace such as one or more of the following Sorted Seminar's:

Setting goals, making a budget Setting financial goals puts you in charge – whether those goals are short or long-term, small or large. Whatever they are, having goals gives us something to aim for. And making a budget helps us achieve them.

Fighting Fit This seminar covers key tips and tricks to build financial skills that include; money attitudes, needs and wants, spending diaries, budgeting, money systems, goals, emergency funds, compounding interest, true cost of credit and insurances.

Financing a home This Sorted seminar covers how to grow a house deposit and who can help you with buying your first home, the right mortgage for you, the sales and purchase process and the fundamentals of financing a home.

Retirement Planning Thinking about retirement is the first step you need to take to achieve the lifestyle you want when you’re no longer working. But what else do you need to do? Getting out of debt and saving for the long-term will help you to be better off in your retirement.

Getting Ahead Introduction to three main things to do to get sorted financially: sorting your money, tackling debt and seeing your future.

Saving and Investing Learning to save regularly is a big step towards getting ahead financially and it can help you get those things you want. Saving is also the gateway to investing – making your money work for you so that it either provides you with an income or increases in value (or both!).

Show me the money This Sorted seminar is an introduction to financial planning and an opportunity for participants to consider your life goals, whether these are short, medium or long-term. It then offers some financial solutions on how to reach those goals.

Tackling Debt It’s good to be able to borrow money. It can help us buy things like a house or a business, or to get an education. But sometimes it can turn into a real drag on your finances. See how debt can work for and against you and what you can do about it.

Dialling up KiwiSaver KiwiSaver helps many of us get ahead and better off in retirement. But there is often some tweaking to do – like picking the right fund – in order to get the most out of it. This seminar will cover the key ways to optimise your entire KiwiSaver experience. All of the above seminars take between 1 to 1½ hours for as many participants as you wish.

The Fee is $500 plus GST per session (plus disbursements, travel and accommodation if applicable).

We can also tailor seminars and workshops to your specific requirements, including an ongoing programme.

We are now taking bookings for workshops and seminars to be held at your workplace. As date and time options book quickly over Money Week, we recommend you book early to secure your desired date and time and take advantage of the wider media coverage and exposure that Money Week provides. If the dates for Money Week do not work for any reason, we also offer bookings outside of this week.

If you would like to discuss the right option/s for your workplace and availability, please contact Sharon Giblett directly on 021 566 869 or

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