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ACC only goes so far

This article just came through from nib and is a great reminder that ACC will only go so far.



Many of your clients will assume that when they need it, ACC will cover them.  Whilst ACC does provides cover for injuries and rehabilitation as a result of accidents, in some cases they do not cover the whole cost of treatment or may decline the claim altogether.  This is when clients with private health insurance can really experience the benefit of private health cover.


Take this example of a recent claim that was covered by nib relating to an injury where the client would not otherwise have received the treatment she needed under ACC: 


A young mum was lifting her child’s pram into her car when she suddenly felt a click in her neck and then noticed numbness and tingling develop down her left arm.  She visited her local accident and emergency clinic where they diagnosed her with having a cervical sprain of the neck and recommended physiotherapy.  ACC accepted the claim for this.  However after a couple of weeks there was no improvement so she was referred to a specialist where she had an MRI.  This MRI showed that she had a disc herniation at several levels in her cervical spine.

Her surgeon then recommended her to have surgery with disc replacement and possible fusion, and put a claim in with ACC for coverage.  Unfortunately ACC declined the surgery.

Fortunately the young mum had private health insurance with nib, and because of this could get treatment faster than waiting on the public system for this.  The cost of the surgery is between $40k - $50K.


Having health insurance can give you peace of mind knowing that you can get the help you need when you want it.

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