Workplace Money Week - Weathering the Storm

Money Week is fast approaching and CFFC recently launched the details of Money Week 2018 which will be held over the week beginning 3rd September 2018 and is themed ‘Weathering the storm’ which is all about financial resilience and making a plan for when things don’t quite go to plan. This can include planning for more short term events such as a job loss to longer term planning by way of insurance and setting up a will. Why would you hold an event such as this at your workplace? And did you know it is possible your colleagues are coming to work and spending up to an hour a day worrying about their financial situation or that of their extended family. Imagine being able to remove some of th

2018 Suncorp New Zealand Business Index

The 2018 Suncorp New Zealand Business Index looks at what drives Kiwi businesses, how they feel about taking risks, and what they think might be helping them succeed – or holding them back. The 2018 results show that although the New Zealand business environment is stable and more businesses are aiming to grow, there is a lot of complacency when it comes to disruption. Read the full document here.

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