Jigsaw Solutions Group is the proud organiser of the Business Expo and introduced the Business Expo to provide leading edge businesses with the opportunity to showcase their brand, to get known, to make new connections face to face in an ever-changing and fast-paced business environment and to provide a platform where you can actually do business. 


The inaugural Business Expo was held in March 2018 in Tauranga and was followed by the hugely successful Business Expo in Hamilton in September 2019.


The Business Expo bridges communication gaps that can’t be achieved by other marketing mediums in such a meaningful way, by helping people make important face-to-face connections that build trust and long-term business relationships. Just one day at the Business Expo is productive, efficient and effective in helping people achieve what might normally take them months or years.


The Business Expo is a supercharged one-day event which provides a powerful platform for collaborating, meeting new customers, cementing existing relationships and generating highly targeted business leads with motivated and interested parties. It has proven to be a highly influential platform showcasing leading edge and forward-thinking businesses, speakers and education all under one roof.

For many attending, the Business Expo is the ultimate fact-finding mission, whether you want to grow your company, look for business solutions, increase knowledge of the marketplace or see what competitors are up to.


The Business Expo is held in both Tauranga and Hamilton. Click below to go to the Business Expo website and find out more about exhibiting and sponsoring, or to book your stand now.

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